Join — Perseus Programme Member

Perseus Members are engaged directly in the support, design, development and delivery of the Perseus Programme. For details, please see the full Programme description, including a breakdown of tiers.


This initiative will require £2-3M funding per annum for a minimum of three years to establish its foundations. Once the framework and enabling conditions have been created, substantial cost and friction will have been removed, and value unlocked. Members, via an Industry Leadership Council, will shape the future of what happens next.  Sponsorship is open to any organisation.

If you have any questions, require direct invoicing, or are at Partner or Enterprise level, please contact us:

To ensure that the programme is open and accessible to all businesses, we have made the ‘startup/micro’ business tier a “pay what you can afford” tied. We propose a figure of between £40 and £400 per month.

We appreciate where organisations are in the financial year. We are flexible as to how to best manage hard and ‘soft commit’ contracts in a manner that can stagger contributions, and address budgeting needs. “Founding” status can be applied to other tiers assuming that a three-year commit is made. Invoices are raised automatically by the system.

B4NZ are working very closely with Government on how they will support the programme. Note that Membership of this programme should also have membership of the B4NZ initiative. Please contact them for their billing process. All billing can be done via B4NZ and/or IB1 — we can pass through accordingly.