Shared values and commitments

As an Icebreaker One participant (Partner, Member, Affiliate, Sponsor, Investors, or related supporter) we are committed to contributing to and promoting Icebreaker One’s mission and values.

Open; Expert; Collaborative.

We will:

  1. break down the silos that currently exist between finance, assets, policy and science in order to redirect investment into demonstrably carbon net-zero or carbon net-negative outcomes;
  2. empower people with the tools and materials they need to find, use and share values and knowledge as widely as possible;
  3. bring our expertise as individuals;
  4. use our expertise to synthesise the views of others in constructive and forward-thinking proposals;
  5. solicit and listen to views from end users and stakeholders;
  6. make outputs available under an open license (e.g. CC-BY, OGL);
  7. use good judgement to respect the privacy and confidentiality of Icebreaker One, its members and associates;
  8. support each other in discussion, in decisions, and in delivery;
  9. constructively hold each other to account on our commitments;
  10. ensure all voices are heard and considered carefully.