Machine-assisted note-taking

Where machine-assisted (e.g. ai) note-taking is utilised, this will always be stated in advance and opt-in, based on the following principles.

If used:

We will record this meeting for the purposes of note-taking (only). 

In addition to humans, we are trialling ai notetakers to help auto-generate comprehensive meeting notes. 

If you have a company policy that conflicts with this, or do not feel comfortable with the approach, please say now. 

Options include:

  1. Not to record the call at all
  2. Record and not use any ai systems (human-only)
  3. Use ai and humans to ensure completeness & accuracy (default)

We will delete the base records (including any audio records) that are used by third-party ai systems within 90 days of this call. 

We also opt-out by default of enabling any 3rd-party solution to use this content to train their models.

For more information about our privacy policies please see or contact us at