What is Icebreaker One delivering?

We’re creating a web of net-zero data – connecting financial, industry and environmental data to help inform net-zero decisions. Much of this data is restricted, so we’re enabling that web by creating policies and guardrails that ensure data is comparable, machine-readable and trusted. To achieve this we are working across the private and public sectors.

The Icebreaker One Trust Framework is a set of principles that codify and operationalise (makes usable) rules to make data flow more easily between organisations. These principles & rules are co-designed via the Icebreaker Forum. The Icebreaker Forum creates multi-disciplinary, multi-sector collaborations with practical outcomes. It enables sectors to create net-zero data strategies and open standards. We also deploy tools that support net-zero data search and access control to accelerate impact.

We aim to influence investment decisions of $3.6T/year by 2030 to help deliver demonstrable net-zero, convening organisations to understand how best to use data as a continuous flow of evidence that informs action.