Milestones & timeline


2019-September: Climate Action Summit, New York

We will be attending and making substantial announcements at the UN Climate Action Summit starting on 23 September 2019

2019-July: Industry round table at the House of Lords, London

We co-hosted a cross-industry roundtable at the House of Lords in London: meeting minutes here.

2019-May: Presentation and discussion at UN-DRR, Geneva


A 12-month consultation (2018-2019) with over 250 public & private sector financial organisations and individuals—to understand their needs—revealed:

  1. A need to convene public & private sector actors to help share insights, opportunities and threats
  2. A need to better map investment to impact both in pre-funding analysis and post-execution reporting
  3. A need to demonstrate material, long-term impact that reduces risk and increases returns
  4. A need to stimulate innovation that brings together public & private sector expertise to maximise public good and private returns
  5. A need to reduce friction in data sharing, addressing IP and related legal and security issues

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