Energy is at the heart of our Net Zero Future.

Trust in data is essential to this, and our Trust Framework approach can help to drive the adoption of open standards and create assurable data flows between organisations.

We have three major programmes that, through Open Energy, are pioneering the discovery, access and use of energy data.

About Open Energy

Francis Maude at COP26:

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Open Energy makes it easy to search, discover, access and securely share energy data. It covers both Open Data and commercially Shared Data where access requires control.

Open Energy services include Search and Access Control, which are co-designed through an industry Forum. The Forum brings together domain experts across the ecosystem, including large and small companies, regulated and unregulated actors, and the public sector, into Industry Advisory Groups and a Sector Steering Group to help shape the development of its services.

Open Energy is part of Icebreaker One’s solutions to enable data sharing across industry, finance and the environment.

The easy way to find, use and securely share energy data​

Open Energy allows you to find and use data. It streamlines data access and secure data sharing, while automating compliance processes. Distribution network operators, startups, researchers, and stakeholders across  industry can drive efficiencies and innovation with the Open Energy approach. Open Energy is funded by public and private sector, and operated by Icebreaker One, an independent non-profit making data work harder to deliver net zero.