Icebreaking is the on-ramp to Net Zero Data innovation. It convenes stakeholders in a neutral environment with a focus on specific challenges. Together we identify priority value cases, map data value chains, and prioritise actions and the roadmap to implementation.

Outcome: Create value from data internally and externally by unlocking data discovery and sharing.

The Icebreaking process is tailored to programme-specific needs. Icebreaking outputs include:

  • Identification of priority use case(s) from both internal & external perspectives that are linked to impact
    (e.g. finance/ESG, energy, transport, built world, water, agriculture, as agreed during the programme)
  • Exploration of product and service innovation, driven by priority use cases
  • Models to help break down internal & external data silos and unlock internal innovation
  • Partnership development with stakeholders and related parts of the Net Zero Data value chain
  • Collaboration with IB1 to develop and foster the broader innovation ecosystem
    (e.g. joint bidding, joint development with startups, secondment as deemed appropriate).

Process: to go far, we go together

Our process includes Steering Groups with up to five Advisory Groups to ensure that we can co-design and implement market-wide solutions, address specific user needs and address both technical (data standards, APIs, etc.) and non-technical (legal, policy, communication) areas.

Icebreaker One, as an independent, neutral non-profit, assists by convening and catalysing activity across sectors and bridging between the public and private sectors.

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About Icebreaker One
Icebreaker One is a UK-headquartered independent, non-partisan, global non-profit. It connects private and public sector leaders to grasp the opportunity to transform the climate crisis into economic innovation. Its mission is to make data work harder to deliver net-zero, working across finance, agriculture, energy, transport, water and the built world. Its data infrastructure initiatives include Open Energy, the Standard for Environment, Risk and Insurance (SERI) and Project Cygnus.

To engage with Icebreaking, just email and we’ll discuss your needs and set up the process. Terms: