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Aligned with similar programmes, Perseus will require a total of £2-3M funding per annum for a minimum of three years to establish its foundations. This cost is spread across members and sponsors. Membership is described in the Service Order, Terms and Statement of Works, which can be downloaded below.

Perseus aims to develop solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders across the ecosystem, and is therefore driven by its members, who contribute via five Advisory Groups. As a member, your organisation can influence the future of emissions reporting and data sharing across the economy. Membership also provides early visibility of sectoral developments, allowing members to position themselves for the future. Perseus also offered opportunities for new relationships and collaborations to emerge, and has material brand opportunities. Member logos will be included in outputs and events.

Membership tiers

Use of funds includes: teams to lead the organisation of the Steering and Advisory Groups, lead and deliver research to support the initiative, implementation of a demonstrator with members. In addition, substantial work is required on communications and engagement, including presence at COP28. We will publish an open budget to make clear the use of funds in the near future.

To ensure that the programme is open and accessible to all businesses, we have made the fees flexible and “pay what you can afford”, although we propose the values below as a guide.

  • ‘startup/micro’ businesses: we propose between £40 and £500 per month.
  • SME: we propose between £500 and £2,000 per month.
  • Large/enterprise: we propose over £4,000 per month.

For larger amounts, we propose invoicing the annual fee in advance. Alternatively, you can sign up below.

We appreciate where organisations are in the financial year and we can be flexible. “Founding” status will be applied assuming that a three-year commitment is made (which have a year-one break clause). Invoices are raised automatically by the system if you sign up here.

If you have any questions or require an invoice, please contact

What might this look like for a small or medium-sized business?

Concept note (illustrative only)

Enabling small and medium-sized businesses to share their energy data with two clicks, to drive engagement and unlock assurable data flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Programme partner and member reference documents

Perseus members engage directly in its design, scope, development and delivery.

  • One-page executive summary (PDF download v2023-02-06)
  • Latest Steering Group minutes 2023-06-13 with supporting slides [PDF]
    (includes timelines, mock screenshots, architecture and data flows)
  • Statement of Works [PDF v2023-06-01]
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. Service Order [Word Document v2023-06-01]
  2. Sign up to Advisory Group(s)
  3. Steering Group Terms of Reference (PDF download v2023-02-03)
  4. Advisory Group Terms of Reference (PDF download v2023-05-24)

The approved Advisory Group structure spans five areas, as shown below. Register here

B4NZ are working very closely with Government on how they will support the programme. Note that Membership of this programme should also have membership of the B4NZ initiative. Please contact them for their billing process. All billing can be done via B4NZ and/or IB1 — we can pass through accordingly.

Expired, superseded and legacy documents (for reference)

March 2023 document snapshot