FoSDA Membership v2021-12-07


The Alliance is a global network with the goal to identify and develop the data required for improved investor decision making in sustainable finance.

It will achieve its objectives by (a) facilitating exchange of experience and insights on relevant data; (b) serving as a forum to harmonize and promote common standards and best practices; and (c) working with the members to produce recommendations on the future of sustainable data for industry, policymakers and regulators.

It is open to Partners and Supporters who can contribute to these objectives through their experience and expertise and who want to work with market-leading peers to shape and drive industry requirements for actionable and reliable ESG data.


ESG data is at the root of the fast-evolving landscape of sustainable investment. It can guide the allocations of trillions of dollars of ‘ESG integrated’ investment capital. To ensure that the world shifts towards a sustainable future we must plan for the data we need to make better and more impactful investment decisions at scale. Large quantities of data have become available to investors in the last few years, led by taskforces and regulatory and industry bodies such as the UN, TCFD and the European Commission. However, ESG adoption by mainstream players and allocation of mainstream capital remains limited.

The focus of the Future of Sustainable Data Alliance (“FoSDA”) is therefore to perform an analysis of the completeness and consistency of the ESG data space, identifying and minimizing the data gaps and holes. FoSDA will provide recommendations for regulators, government and the industry on addressing data availability and reporting issues, with the view to move towards investment-grade sustainability data needed to achieve the UN SDGs, Paris Agreement goals and sustainable post-Covid recovery.



Articulate the future data requirements investors and governments need to accurately integrate ESG data into decision-making processes. Consolidating and documenting the data needs of global investors to highlight what is needed to make sustainable decisions.


Provide the industry with an expert view of the existing Data Gaps and Holes and recommendations on how to improve the data density and usage efficiency from a global perspective.  The purpose is to help inform both policymakers and investors on data availability and applicability.


As the attention on sustainable finance grows, so do the groups aligning to build frameworks, initiatives and standards.  FoSDA’s role is the provide a data-centric perspective to support the success of these groups and initiatives.  By focusing on data issues, opportunities and challenges for sustainable finance, FoSDA can add unique, global, value through our membership of the largest data firms globally.



You can become a member of the Alliance as either a Member, Data Council Only Member or Supporter. Membership is signified by a signature from the Partner or Supporter organisation and the submission of their organisation’s logo. The signature is required on our Service Order and the Logo needs to be sent in high resolution to  Members and Supporters endorse the Alliance’s objectives when becoming a member.

FoSDA Members (Roles and Responsibilities)

FoSDA Members to the Alliance will:

  • work in full partnership together in a ‘coalition of the willing’ to produce reports, case studies and materials meant to advance the sustainability data needs of the future.
  • be the agenda setting body of FoSDA and set the annual workstreams for the Alliance.
  • contribute their logo to the Alliance press releases and be named as a Member on the website and in the materials produced.
  • agree to name a specific person to attend a minimum of six (6) Alliance meetings per annum.
  • commit to contributing to workstreams of the Alliance and verifying reports, and will help where possible in amplifying the work of the Alliance, sharing findings with their networks and seeking ratification support, and will lend support in engagement through their contacts where appropriate. 
  • commit to hosting an online or offline webinar/roundtable meeting per annum (as sole host or in collaboration with other members)
  • commit to co-Leading 1 workstream within the first 24 months of membership or contribute design and production support to 1 workstream within the first 24 months.


  • FoSDA Founder Partners are FoSDA Members that participated in the year one formation of FoSDA and have contributed to the establishment of the Alliance. They will be named as such on the website.
  • NGOs and organisations that are not for profit are welcome and encouraged to be Members of FoSDA.  The contribution of these organisations will be contracted by in-kind support agreed in advance of each year.  This in-kind support can include PR support, administrative support, marketing or hosting support etc.
  • All FoSDA Members will be invited to speaking and representational events to promote the work of FoSDA and their organisations in sustainable data.
  • FoSDA Membership carries a member fee dependent on the size of the business and referred to in the table below.

FoSDA Data Council Only Members (Roles and Responsibilities)

  • The FoSDA Data Council is a sub-body of the Alliance that consists of data providers able to provide expert insights to FoSDA. Data Council Members can commit to full Membership of FoSDA or choose to act just within the Data Council.
  • The Data Council will produce an annual Data Gaps & Holes Mapping report published in October.
  • The Data Council will act as a clearing house for market problems and solutions on sustainability data and will provide market insight and help inform all of FoSDA’s workstreams from a data availability and technical level. The Data Council allows partners to test the marketability of ideas/solutions being put forward to fill data gaps/holes and advance the field of sustainable data.
  • The Data Council meets regularly throughout the year in coordination with Member meetings, engagements with regulators and partner associations, and in building the Data Gaps & Holes Mapping report.
  • The Data Council will agree to contribute to reports, seminars, regulator meetings, and other engagements outside the Council meetings to further the recommendations of FoSDA.
  • The Data Council Members will have priority engagement with regulators at quarterly regulatory meetings and be showcased at FoSDA’s quarterly webinars.  Data Council Members will be invited to speaking engagements to represent their firms and FoSDA.
  • Data Council Only Membership carries a membership fee dependent on the size of the business and   referred  to in the table below.

FoSDA Supporters (Roles and Responsibilities)

FoSDA Supporters:

  • agree to contribute their logo to be listed as a supporter of the initiative and in publications.
  • will name a point person in their organisation to receive updates on the Alliance’s

Progress and requests for input on workstreams.  Workstreams of interest will be indicated annually after the workstreams are finalized.  The level of involvement in FoSDA workstreams by Supporters is encouraged to be as strong as possible – this is highly valued.

FoSDA Supporters:

  • will be invited to attend and play a role in roundtable meetings to build the reporting and output but not be required to attend Member or Data Council meetings.
  • contribute their time to review documents and provide support to outcomes shaped by the Alliance partners to ensure the end product is reflective of industry sentiment.
  • will also be encouraged to craft and submit requested case studies to give further information to support the FoSDA initiatives from time to time and on an ad hoc basis.
  • FoSDA Membership carries a membership fee dependent on the size of the business and referred to in the table below.
TypeProfileFee (£,000)
FoSDA Member Tier 1>£500M revenue50 (rising to 75 in 2023)
FoSDA Member Tier 2<£500M revenue40 (rising to 50 in 2023)
FoSDA Member Tier NGONGOContribution in-kind
Data Council Only Member Tier 1 >£500M revenue50
Data Council Only Member Tier 2<£500M revenue20
Data Council Only Member Tier NGONGO Contribution in-kind
Supporter Tier 1>£500M revenue10
Supporter Tier 2<£500M revenue5

Note:  Membership fees will be invoiced in advance of the calendar year and for 2022 fees will be invoiced by Icebreaker One trading as ‘FoSDA’ under its standard Membership Terms as a strategic alliance. If there are variations in Terms between its standard Membership Terms and the FoSDA Terms herein, then the FoSDA Terms herein shall prevail. Icebreaker One is providing support for FoSDA and is a strategic partner organisation.