Perseus – AG1

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AG1 focus: user needs & impact

This advisory group will explore, prioritise, and work through use cases that should be supported by Project Perseus. This includes identifying user and their needs and mapping the data value chain and the broader ecosystem surrounding each use case. It will also agree on data requirements that represent the greatest potential for materiality, and that can be linked to incentives to decarbonise at market-wide scale. AG1 will also identify the appropriate underlying framework and reporting standards (e.g. with PCAF, CDP).

AG1 will also develop the business-, impact-, and value cases for the programme. It will consider how its work relates to the UK policy targets, financial instruments, and the activities of banks, SMEs, and other stakeholders. This will include the potential for policy and market-wide interventions, which are to be studied comprehensively in Advisory Group 5.

About Perseus Advisory Groups

The purpose of the five Perseus Advisory Groups is to provide expert input to the programme, to address commercial, non-commercial and public needs. Participants will include a wide range of subject matter experts to meet the diverse needs of the project, and to ensure it is representative of stakeholders. 

The ultimate objective is to arrive at a standardised approach that is fit for purpose for, and can be rapidly deployed across, the market. Perseus will address social, economic, environmental, public and private sector needs. It will deliver cross-industry alignment on the approach, including clear use cases, a roadmap for work, definitions of risks, gaps and opportunities, and it will provide recommended approaches and resolutions.