Join us as a Supporter — make data work harder to deliver Net Zero

“We are delighted to have IB1 as a partner, they’ve
set the standard for what is possible”

We’re working on lots of exciting things at Icebreaker One, including how we can best support a wide constellation of individual professionals and companies, whether startups, SMEs, non-profits or large enterprises. Hitting Net Zero will require collaboration across sectors and disciplines—we are working out how to best connect skills, expertise and best practice to unlock net-zero data.

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above and beyond what was expected.”

IB1 Supporters are actively engaged and participate in the delivery of our Net Zero Future through their work, domain expertise, facilities and other resources. We will work with you to make data work harder to deliver Net-Zero.

This can involve:

  1. Helping to input into, or share the outputs of, our work on Open Standards (technical and non-technical)
  2. Contributing your case studies and use cases that showcase net-zero data innovation
  3. Identifying and/or developing joint funding proposals that address collective-action challenges
  4. Helping to communicate and disseminate impact stories, knowledge, principles and practice
  5. Bringing collaborative expertise to help identify challenges, and their potential solutions
  6. Supporting our webinars and outbound communication
  7. Helping to find experts and team members

Individual supporters — pay what you want:

Organisational tiers are based on size and type.

If you are interested in a closer relationship as a Member or Strategic Partner, please email and we will get in touch.

(All prices are ex VAT)

The Icebreaker One Trust Framework 

Lack of trusted data flow is leading to poor decisions that make it more risky and difficult to quantify and invest in the transition to net-zero.

Huge quantities of data are being generated from our financial systems, our built world and our environment. But we’re missing the opportunity to use it to get to net zero.  To use it, we need to connect it to see the whole picture – it can generate rich insight into lowering emissions, adapting to climate change, and direct financing to impact. 

This isn’t a problem that needs new technology. Many attempts to consolidate—new databases and portals—struggle to scale and we’re letting this opportunity slip through our fingers. Our economic and infrastructure systems are being digitalised in a decentralised and distributed way. There is no ‘centre’ in a system like this: we need to connect not collect data.

We want data to flow more easily and this means we need to clarify the rules of the road. We want to reduce the friction of finding, accessing, and using both commercial and non-commercial data in a timely way.

What is Icebreaker One doing?

We’re creating a web of net-zero data – connecting financial, engineering and environmental data to help inform net-zero decisions. Much of this data is restricted, so we’re enabling that web by creating policies and guardrails that ensure data is comparable, machine-readable and trusted. To achieve this we are working across industries and governments to develop the Icebreaker One Trust Framework.

The Icebreaker One Trust Framework is a set of principles that both codify and operationalise (makes usable) rules to make data flow more easily between organisations. This set of principles and rules are co-designed through the Icebreaker Forum.

The Icebreaker Forum creates multi-disciplinary, multi-sector collaborations with practical outcomes. It enables sectors to create net-zero data strategies and open standards. We also deploy tools that support net-zero data such as search and access control to accelerate action.

Join us today to support our mission — working together we can accelerate change.