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UK and Irish politicians discuss net-zero economic recovery from Covid

When: 26 November – 10.30am – 12pm GMT
Where: Online, sign up free via Eventbrite

  • Nick Tyrone, Research Director, Project Cygnus – Icebreaker One [Chair]
  • Bim Afolami, Conservative MP for Hitchin and Harpenden
  • Alan Brown, SNP MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun and SNP’s Westminster spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change
  • Neasa Hourigan, Green Party TD for Dublin Central and Ireland’s Chair of the Committee on Budgetary Oversight
  • Chi Onwurah, Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central and Shadow Minister Digital, Science & Technology
  • Clive Lewis, Labour MP for Norwich South and Shadow Secretary for Sustainable Economics
  • Tom Sasse, Associate Director, Institute for Government


No political party came into 2020 thinking it was going to be dominated by a pandemic that would result in the country going into lockdown and, as a result, an unprecedented economic downturn. Yet here we are.

We will discuss what political parties in the UK and Ireland are doing to ensure that economic recovery from Covid is also driving us towards net-zero? 

Icebreaker One – a non-profit focused on unlocking the data needed to deliver a net-zero future – will host a panel that spans the political spectrum to find out what government and opposition parties think are the best ways to combine economic recovery with net-zero. Nick Tyrone, research director at Icebreaker One, will chair the panel.

This event is organised as part of Project Cygnus, an EIT Climate-KIC funded net-zero Covid-19 recovery programme led by Icebreaker One in partnership with Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence at the University of Edinburgh, University College Dublin (UCD)United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) , Arup and ODI Leeds.

Quick links to video archives:

  1. Videos — London Climate Action Week — Nov 2020
  2. Modernising Energy Data — Applications: Competition briefing
  3. Prospering from the Energy Revolution: Six in Sixty – PFER overview
  4. A green recovery: the policies to prioritise for a green recovery from Covid-19
  5. COGx — Open Energy expert panel and James Lovelock interview with Bryony Worthington
  6. Introducing Project Cygnus: Enabling a net-zero economic recovery from Covid-19
  7. MEDA briefing — Open Energy public webinars (Kick-off plus Show & Tell)

London Climate Action Week November 2020

Icebreaker One curated three events at the November edition of London Climate Action Week, taking place virtually from 14-20 November.

Open Energy – creating a data infrastructure for the energy sector – Thursday 19th November, 10-11am (archive)

Towards a climate-ready insurance sector – Wednesday 18th November, 10-11am (archive below)

How can we deliver net-zero recovery from Covid? – Monday 16th November, 11am-12 noon (archive below)

Daily Telegraph Technology Intelligence event

Founder and CEO, Gavin Starks spoke on a panel as part of The Daily Telegraph’s Technology Intelligence event on Wednesday 11th November. A synopsis is available here.

Gavin was joined by Executive Director of Global Canopy, Niki Mardas, to debate: What will a post-pandemic world mean for climate change?

Open Energy update webinar

Our Friday 6th November update webinar featured representatives from across the Open Energy Advisory Groups and we welcome experts from the energy industry to discuss our response to the Modernising Energy Data Access challenge.

Prospering from the Energy Revolution: Six in Sixty – PFER overview

PFER is a £102m programme focussed on the integration of power, heat, digital and transport and the business models needed to enable Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) to scale towards net zero. PFER features 170 businesses funded to deliver around 40 projects; now is the time to bring the smart systems community together.

This is your chance to hear from the various parts of the PFER programme including demonstrators, designs, key technology and data projects alongside our intellectual powerhouse EnergyRev and the Energy Revolution Integration Service delivered via the Energy Systems Catapult. A fast-paced, quick-fire, hour-long webinar with a minimum of six speakers will tell the story of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. If you’re part of the smart systems community this is the start of the ultimate mini-series.

We present Open Energy as part of the programme— archive stream below, MEDA starts from 29 minutes with Open Energy on first.

2020-10-29 A green recovery: the policies to prioritise for a green recovery from Covid-19


2020-09-22 MED Applications competition briefing


Our slides below:

Delivering net-zero: How better data sharing can help innovation in UK energy

WHEN: 16 September 2020

Main session — Panel discussion on Open Energy

[Open Energy panel]

The Q&A session is below.

Main session — Bryony Worthington and James Lovelock

[Bryony Worthington and James Lovelock]

The Open Banking movement has shown how a sector can transform at a global scale when it reimagines data access and data infrastructure. We believe that the same principle can apply to the energy sector.

Imagine, if at the point of investment, that an investor could demand that the data-flows demonstrate net-zero; at the points of design, construction, operation and decommissioning. Imagine if they could incentivise provable net-zero delivery at each point in this supply chain!

Icebreaker One has launched Open Energy to explore how we can share information across the entire energy network to keep the lights on and drive towards net-zero. The approach focuses on a systemic shift in culture and practice, rather than on developing new technologies. But is the sector ready? Can the energy industry adapt rapidly to a different way of working, aligned with the UK’s National Data Strategy? What will be the challenges along the way and can the energy sector become a positive driver of net-zero?

Join us for a panel discussion with industry leaders and thinkers to talk about how we make open energy a reality.


Introducing Project Cygnus:
Enabling a net-zero economic recovery from Covid-19


ABOUT: The project lanch of Project Cygnus – a €1M EIT Climate-KIC funded programme focused on how to enable a net-zero economic recovery from Covid-19.

If companies, governments and policymakers are serious about delivering upon their legal obligations of net-zero, and dealing with the economic and social threat of climate change, the economic recovery from Covid-19 must focus on the principles of resilience and sustainability.

What is the underlying data infrastructure needed to support this?


  • Gavin Starks, CEO and Founder, Icebreaker One;
  • Damien McGarrigle, Financial Services & Fintech Team Lead, Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence at University of Edinburgh;
  • Andreas Hoepner, Professor of Operational Risk, Banking & Finance, University College Dublin;
  • Julie Calkins, Head of Risk Information for Climate Adaptation, EIT Climate-KIC.

MEDA — Open Energy public webinars

A public-access show & tell covering the results of the Modernising Energy Data Access Discovery Phase took place on Wednesday 15 July 1pm-14.30pm with presentation from:

  • Siemens (13.00pm – 13.30pm)
  • Electron (13.30pm – 14.00pm)
  • Icebreaker One (14.00pm – 14.30pm)

Recordings of the Discovery Phase Show & Tell is here (password 3V&r@Wf.2)

The 1 June 2020 stakeholder launch kickoff meeting is here (password 2K@H04=9)

Presentations will cover the projects’ activity over the initial 6-week discovery phase plus a brief insight into their plans for next phase (the alpha prototype). More details about the Icebreaker One approach is here:

Unlocking the power of data to deliver a net-zero future


ABOUT: The threat of climate change to the global economy is tangible, and the increase in catastrophic climate events is capable of bankrupting markets and even nation-states. We are already witnessing insurance in some areas becoming untenable – which is a genuine threat to communities and wider society.

This online panel explores the scale of the problem, the challenges and opportunities of using existing data to help develop new insurance products, and presents how Icebreaker One is working to tackle these challenges


Open consultation on Open Energy

Over the coming weeks, as part of the national MEDA programme, we will be exploring how an Energy Data Ecosystem might lay the foundations for our national energy data infrastructure. We will be holding four industry-focused webinars to listen to your ideas, provide an overview of our approach and gather feedback. Each session will follow the same format, incorporating feedback from the previous ones.

We will hold these at 11am on the 19th, 22nd, 29th June and the 6th July. Sign up (free)

2020-January: Davos, Switzerland

Major announcements

2019-September: Climate Action Summit, New York

2019-July: Industry round table at the House of Lords, London

We co-hosted a cross-industry roundtable at the House of Lords in London: meeting minutes here.

2019-May: Presentation and discussion at UN-DRR, Geneva