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“Our opportunity is to develop robust, standards-based marketplaces for environmental & financial data. This will help drive investment to address our climate and biodiversity emergencies.” —Gavin Starks, Founder

Opportunities for participation at organisational-level include financial, non-financial (in-kind) and bilateral contributions as:
► Strategic partner
► Commercial partner, member, sponsor
► Non-commercial partner, member, sponsor
► Icebreaker Constellation member (individual, peer-network)

‘Stage One Founder’ status can be agreed for organisations if our ‘Letter of Intent’ can be signed, and contracts closed as indicated therein.

Please contact to discuss.
If you are an interested individual, please do get in touch too, and follow us using the links below.

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“investors cannot make informed decisions because there is not enough data” —Senior Finance Industry expert


Icebreaker One has been developed based on an 18-month industry consultation (2018-19) with many hundreds of participants. The needs that have been articulated include:

  1. convene public & private sector actors to help share insights, opportunities and threats
  2. better map investment to impact both in pre-funding analysis and post-execution reporting
  3. demonstrate material, long-term impact that reduces risk and increases returns
  4. stimulate innovation that brings together public & private sector expertise to maximise public good and private returns
  5. reduce friction in data sharing, addressing IP and related legal and security issues

The initiative also draws on learnings from both the Open Banking Standard and the Open Data Institute.

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