Imagine, at the point of investment, that an investor could mandate the data-flows to demonstrate net-zero at the points of design, construction, operation and decommissioning in a manner that they could apply incentives to hold each stage to account on provable net-zero delivery.

Developing standards-based marketplaces for federated data-sharing

Addressing the climate crisis requires us to combine data-driven innovation across domains of science, policy, finance and engineering: to optimise physical infrastructures we need robust data infrastructures to fuel insight, analysis, reporting and to apply governance to hold ourselves to account on our net-zero targets and data-sharing best-practice.

Given that large-scale infrastructure and financial projects last years (or decades) now is the time to enable the instrumentation of data-flows throughout project lifecycles.

At the same time, the data-flows will be coming not just from reporting frameworks such as the Poseidon Principles and TCFD, but on an ongoing, continuous basis from systems, sensors and satellites.

The users of the information are manifold: from policy to regulation, research communities to a wide range of businesses, communities and individuals.

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