IB1 update 2019-04-08 — New Supporters


Last week we added supporters UN Environment and Arup.

Please help us connect with organisations who’d like to join the discussion privately or publicly “Support the Icebreaker One discussion”.

Workshop — user needs and stories


On Wednesday this week we are holding a workshop to further unpack user needs: if you have stories for your work along the lines of ‘if we could better access this … then we could do that’ please get in touch with gea@dgen.net.

We need to connect with people working (in public, commercial and academia realms) in any of the following sectors:

  • Risk modelling (for example in insurance, cities, disasters, climate)
  • Designing economic instruments
  • Finance and insurance industry data
  • Data standards
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Geospatial data

For context have a look at https://icebreakerone.org/context/

Social media

Please help us extent our reach — share/adapt these for your social media channels: