Mapping the insurance landscape

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SERI - Insurance market map

This blog is the start of a mini-series that we have written as part of the SERI programme. Since starting our work in April, we’ve been researching, thinking and starting […]


Introducing five Icebreaker Clusters

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Developing standards-based marketplaces for federated data-sharing Addressing the climate crisis requires us to combine data-driven innovation across domains of science, policy, finance and engineering: to optimise physical infrastructures we need […]


SERI Product Innovation begins

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(left-to-right, from top): Kathryn Corrick; Jeremy Hindle; Ben Cotton; Kristian Steele; Katharine Stephens; Duncan Duffy, Gavin Starks [inset]; Srini Sundaram, Gea Mikic; Emma Thwaites; Cybele Wong; Stephanie Lopes; Andrea Gaglione; […]